Peter Klose


Business Description

Pulling For You means that you are serviced with excellence by a small firm which makes discerning assessments about the clients we represent, the costs we expend and the services we provide. Some cases require the services that only large, diversified firms can offer, but most of today’s challenges in the legal world can be handled by small firms dedicated to you and your family.  Klose & Associates is that special firm with the experience, dedication and compassion needed to wend our way together.

The solution you select must fit the problem you seek to solve. Since 1972, our mission has been to Pull for You, our client. We believe that you deserve prompt, professional service, personal attention and an attorney to explain your rights, responsibilities, and options.

Whether you need a real estate attorney to assist you with a closing, a business attorney to help you incorporate, a personal injury attorney to handle a legal malpractice claim, or a real estate attorney to represent you in an adverse possession claim, hire a lawyer you can rely upon. By Pulling for You, we see our representation as a team, where we represent you vigorously, within the bounds of the law, relying upon each other to resolve your matter. We understand the law, explain the process, and take the time to understand you. When you hire Peter Klose, and Klose & Associates, to represent you, you know that you will understand each option, and the reasons for selecting that option.