From: $175 to $850 / month

Furnished, part-time, month-to-month, therapy/office. Billed on the first of the month to your credit card or check, until canceled. No cancelations or refunds for the month if canceled after the first of the month.

Capacity: Up to 4

Month to month rentals:

½ day/week $175/month
1 day/week: $250/month
1½ day/week: $300/month
2 days/week: $350/month
2½ days/week: $400/month
3 days/week: $450/month
3½ days/week: $500/month
4 days/week: $550/month
4½ days/week: $600/month
5 days/week: $650/month
5½ days/week: $700/month
6 days/week: $750/month
6½ days/week: $800/month
7 days/week: $850/month

Please check with Shawn Levesque for days available: (845) 348-0099 ext. 1
Email Me Here

Nyack Business Center
99 Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960

Metered parking is located across the street and throughout the village. Free parking is also located on various side streets next to the building and throughout the village. Please refer to Nyack Village Parking Rules in effect.

To enter the building, please dial 003 on the intercom panel and our receptionist will buzz you and your guests in.